So, I felt the need to start something new, if for no other reason than to give this blog a bit more life. So, every week I’m going to try and find the dumbest thing said this week (or at least made public), the smartest thing, and the funniest thing. Here goes.

Dumbest Thing: Though this may apply to the funny category due to its outrageous nature, Apparently, the University of Colorado at Boulder thinks that a woman’s best defense against rape is vomiting, peeing, or praying that Aunt Flo is in town.  I don’t think this is the worst advice ever, but I think its safe to say that leadership in Colorado is kind of lacking due to being a gaggle of morons.

Smartest Thing: “There’s room for one more.” Words uttered by Jake “The Snake” Roberts in trying to convince troubled pro wrestler Scott Hall (also known as Razor Ramon) to try Dallas Page’s yoga program, and accept help from his friends to finally turn his life around. Kudos to those two guys, and to the fans who still have the heart to pray for a guy they’ve never met. It takes much more strength to live in love, if I may quote Times of Grace.

Funniest Thing: I hate to brag (no I don’t) but this one comes from me at work between a female co worker and myself.

Female Co - Worker: So, Micah, if you have so many good memories of your marriage, have you ever thought about contacting your ex wife?

Me: Oh, I have. Then I realized I’d probably end up killing myself, and I like the veins in my wrists unpierced and full of blood. 

Hopefully I’ll have more next week. Until then, I’m Micah C.

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